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The Company
The Company Vincent Timber is the UK's sole distributor of Sivalbp, a modern production facility based in the South of France.
The facility combines the latest technology in wood processing, with high quality pre-coating preparation and sophisticated environmentally friendly coating methods to produce a range of coated products that are both high performance and aesthetically pleasing.
Many profiles can be secret fixed, avoiding visible nail heads and protecting the integrity of the coating. The company also supplies products for internal as well as external use and profiles can be supplied in a range of surface finishes including smooth, sanded, brushed, fine sawn and planed.
At every process, the highest degree of care is taken from the correct drying of the timber, through to the selection of quality solid material, which also includes material optimisation through finger Jointing to produce long lengths and to control wastage.
Any 'rejected' materials are converted into fuel, which is used by the site to provide power for production purposes.
We are members of TRADA who act as our auditors and advisors on all matters relating to the proper implementation of Chain of Custody.
Sivalbp are also strong supporters of the need for raw resource sustainability and dependant on species supply PEFC or FSC certified claddings.
Reducing Carbon Footprint
Using sustainably produced wood contributes towards the lowering of the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. Sivalbp is a natural building material, and delivers a positive contribution to carbon neutral construction.
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Why Silvalbp?
  • Benefit from the quality of fully factory applied coatings
  • Range of attractive profiles for all design requirements
  • Available from a range of durable species
  • Options include – pre-weathered grey, natural tone and fully opaque
  • Environmentally friendly coatings
  • Supplied with full chain of custody in PEFC & FSC (Species specific)
  • Available with textured surfaces or sanded (Species specific)
  • All profiles supplied end-matched for quicker installation and reduced material wastage
  • Coating warranty on opaque coated claddings
  • Superb packaging for product protection and handling
  • Minimal maintenance
  • 100% usable
  • Easy to install, basic tools required
Production Process
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Sivalbp colours
  Species and Coatings
  Elegance to Enhance Nature
Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch, European Douglas Fir, Thermally Treated Nordic Pine, Siberian Larch and Thermally Treated “Knotless” Pine.
With factory applied coatings to enhance and compliment the natural beauty of various timber species. Pigmented coatings “Sesame” and “Nature” are applied on specific species to enhance the natural beauty and to protect.
2 to 5 years performance (subject to exposure, unless re-coated).
  New Age & “Pre-weathered” Grey
Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch, European Douglas Fir, Thermally Treated Nordic Pine, Siberian Larch and Thermally Treated “Knotless” Pine.
With a grey ‘pre-weathered’ sacrificial coating’ to provide these timber species with an even grey look at time of installation, which protects the timber as nature takes over. Minimum 2 years of performance as nature replaces with her weathering (subject to exposure).
  Vintage – Chocolate and Black
Two warm and traditional colours that enhance the natural grain of the coated species.
2 to 5 years performance (subject to exposure, unless re-coated).

Vintage Chocolate
Siberian Larch only
Vintage Black
Eco Thermo species Thermally treated Nordic Pine Thermally treated Radiata Pine and Standard Douglas Fir
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Clavéa Profile Data Sheet Linéa Profile Data Sheet
Soléa Profile Data Sheet

Sizes are accurate when timber is machined. Timber will move during different climatic changes for which we have no control over whatsoever. We reserve the right to amend profile dimensions without notice. Please check current dimensions with our sales office if you are matching up profiles that have been supplied in the past.
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